Dewey Vuong
Sales Associate

Dewey was born and raised in Oakland, California. He grew up in a home of discipline that was also full of strong morals, mutual respect, and tough love. Being a child of immigrant parents who worked in the service industry, Dewey understands the importance of being open-minded of differences and considerate of others’ opinions. He willingly lends a hand to those who ask and is persistent in accomplishing any goal that he sets his mind on. Dewey grew up in the heart of Oakland’s rapidly evolving neighborhoods and is excited to contribute positively to such changes by joining the established industry of real estate. He feels that being able to work in an industry that is slowly evolving and being a Millennial in that evolution not only benefits the industry but also the neighborhoods which he services.

Dewey attended California State University, East Bay and graduated with a B.S. in Business with an emphasis in marketing. He has worked in fields that required patience and grit which, in turn, have built his empathy and resilience. Dewey is driven towards the improvement of the lives of his loved ones and his community. He is a problem solver who utilizes the tools he has learned professionally in order to ensure that the service he provides is never less than exceptional. He believes a strong understanding of how to leverage given data along with an instinct to think creatively outside the box is one of his keys to success.

Dewey’s passion in real estate began after watching his parents undergo the detailed process it took to own their first home. He has always been fascinated by different architectures and internal designs of places that people called home. He believes the Bay Area has great potential in its new developments, established homes, and current fixer-uppers as diversity and unique character may be of value to homeowners. Growing up in a diverse neighborhood like Oakland and seeing different cultures come together, Dewey is inspired to provide service to those whose dream is to be a part of such communities. Knowing how aggressive the real estate market in the Bay Area is and seeing how Oakland, along with the Bay Area, has been evolving has pushed him to pursue a career in a complex market and apply his skills and knowledge to achieve high client satisfaction.

In his spare time, Dewey enjoys the simple company of his close family and friends. He cherishes both the importance and value of a supportive community in both his personal and professional life. Dewey also speaks a pinch of Vietnamese and Cantonese.

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