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What is the number 1 reason to buy a house?

What is the number 1 reason to buy a house?

A.      Tax incentives

B.      Equity is one of the fastest ways for individuals to grow their wealth

C.      It beats paying someone else’s mortgage (rent)

D.      You may just be able to get that furry friend you’ve always wanted!

Sure, answers A through C are great reasons to buy but what about the dog factor? 42% of millennials surveyed said their dog is a key factor in home purchasing. Being a homeowner typically means the freedom to invest in a four-legged friend without worrying that the landlord is going to change their rental policies. Restrictions do apply in certain condo buildings so you would want to make sure to clear any pet with the necessary HOA and read the fine print in the CC&Rs before making that commitment. If you are looking for a fluffy companion try some of these local rescue organizations and then head over to some of the fantastic dog-friendly places listed below.

Top Rated East Bay Rescues: 

Wonder Dog Rescue

East Bay SPCA

Rocket Dog

Muttville- Senior dog rescue

When you’ve finally settled on the one, which is sometimes harder than finding the right house, you may want to head over to Point Isabel Shoreline. It’s one of the largest off-leash roaming spaces and attracts over a million visitors each year. The scenic shoreline is perfect for Fido to romp around with his friends. Make sure they are well-trained off leash and they will tire themselves out with their friends. 

If you haven’t been to Alameda Small Dog park with your small pooch you should check it out. They have a large dog playground next door and both are secured with double-gated entries. The weather is typically gorgeous and perfect for your canine to burn energy and meet some new buddies. 

One of the best places to hike in the east bay is Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. There are plenty of majestic views but be sure to pay attention to poison oak, the signs regarding leashes, and watch out for ticks. 

While visiting a cemetery may seem morbid to some, this Mountain View Cemetery is one you have to check out with your new lovable canine. All dogs are required to be on leash but the gradual uphill climb is rewarded with a superb view of San Francisco across the bay. Please be respectful while visiting and pick up after your pup. 

If you need help finding the right home for you and fluffy let us know! We are always happy to help and our doggy-clients may just get a special treat. 

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