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What’s N.O.B.E. all about anyways?

The sheer idea of reading yet another headline detailing San Francisco’s hot, and seemingly, unaffordable housing market could make anyone cringe. 

We get it. 

San Francisco’s housing market seems to be out of control even despite many reports warning that the housing bubble might be bursting sooner than later. 

Nevertheless, the unfortunate truth is that many San Francisco first-time-homebuying-hopefuls might be S.O.L. when it comes to landing a home with a multi-million-dollar price tag. 

… at least that’s what many real estate agents will lead you to believe. 

We’re here to tell you that there’s a new glimmer of hope for first-time homebuyers looking to take the leap for being a renter to a homeowner. That glimmer of home is called “North Oakland Berkeley Emeryville”.

With new shops, restaurants, and bars starting to emerge and a recent revelation of the extremely housing market, it’s no wonder why many of our clients are starting to request viewings of homes in the area. 

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What’s North Oakland Berkeley Emeryville all about anyways?

Officially home to a collection of surrounding neighborhoods, North Oakland Berkeley Emeryville is riddled with loads of character, hosts a full range of architectural homes, and more importantly, easy access to the city. 

It’s safe to say, North Oakland Berkeley Emeryville has been a best-kept secret… until now. 

And depending on the neighborhood you choose to call home, you can find anything from new local restaurants and bars, to local farmer’s markets, playground, and great school for kids. 

We’ll take a few of these up-and-coming neighborhoods and let you decide which suits you best -- you’ll be blown away by just how affordable these neighborhoods are. 


Named as being one of the hottest real estate markets in 2017, Bushrod located in North Oakland, is one of the last few standing neighborhoods where first-time home buyers won’t need a million dollars to purchase their first home. 

Median sale price: $980,000 

Commute to San Francisco: Short jaunts to bus routes leading into Ashby Station, with only a 20 minute commute to downtown San Francisco. 

Neighborhood hot spots: Vault Cafe & Restaurant, Pizzaiolo, and Cafe Colucci.

Highlights for buyers: Investment alert or perfect for first-time homebuyers. Value of the homes in the area have increased to nearly 115% -- with numbers like these, the potential for an investor or first-time homebuyer seeing a return on their investment is quite high. 

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One of the oldest neighborhoods in Oakland, Temescal located in North Oakland, is seeing a growing number artsy foodies and young families making their way to the neighborhood. Rightfully so, this neighborhood is affordable, easily accessible from the city, and home to ton of popular eateries and coffee shops. 

Median sale price: $945,000

Commute to San Francisco: Hop onto the MacArthur BART and find yourself in the city within 30-35 minutes. 

Local hotspots: King Fish Cafe and Pub, Doña Tomás, and Tanjia. 

Highlights for buyers: Temescal is rich in history with landmarks which can found all around the neighborhood for your viewing pleasure. This neighborhood also boasts a watercourse, Temescal Creek, with trails all around it. 

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Made up of both a north and south end and bordering both Oakland and Emeryville, Berkeley is most well-known for housing the University of California’s oldest campus, making the city young and vibrant. Hence the ample amount of cool, and even, unusual things to do. What’s most unusual though, is how only now are starting to realize this neighborhood’s affordable housing market. Also, did we mention the area has a walkability score of 81!? You can get to just about anything you need - local cafes, markets, restaurants, and shops - all within a stone's throw of your future home. 

Median listing price: $929,888*
*as reported by Zillow

Walkability: A walkability score of 81! The neighborhood of Berkeley, while diverse, has just about anything you need within a short distance. 

Local hotspots: Caffe Trieste, Paisan or try one of the hottest Japanese-style restaurants, Kiraku. 

Highlights for buyers: Considering Berkeley’s steady stream of college students, the opportunity to reduce your cost of living is high - increase your cash flow by adding an accessory dwelling unit for supplemental rental income. 

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A once best kept secret, Emeryville is home to some pretty cool company headquarters - Clif Bar, LeapFrog, and Pixar. You’d think with the amount of companies taking stake in Emeryville that the housing market would much higher than it is. Lucky for you, it isn’t. A first-time homebuyer can expect to land their first home for under $600,000. 

Median sale price: $522,000
*as reported by Zillow

Commute to San Francisco: Just a short 30 minute by car or 40 minutes by BART. 

Local hotspots: Rotten City Pizza, Honor Kitchen & Cocktails, Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe. 

Highlights for buyers: First-time home buyers looking for work or a change of scenery can thrive here with many companies like Pixar, LeapFrog, and Clif Bar operating within a short distance of many available listings. It’s for that reason which home shoppers are acting fast as housing costs are some of the most reasonable in the city!

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Our message to first-time home buyers and investors

Don’t let the sizzling hot market of San Francisco deter you from living out your dream of purchasing your first home or investment property, with the hope of North Oakland Berkeley Emeryville alive and well, you can buy a home a lot sooner than you think… without having to spend millions of dollars to do it. 

For anyone interested in buying a home, contact us directly - we’re the real estate experts for all things Oakland!

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